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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sick Little Puppy

Hi everyone.

No cute pictures today.

Today I'm in the puppy hospital. Last night I started throwing up. I kept throwing up every few hours throughout the night, so my Mommy took me to the vet in the morning. The nice vet gave me a miniature puppy X-Ray to see if I swallowed something naughty. Nope. So they drew my blood to check for some other stuff. Nothing. I started to feel better and even ate some moist food. The vet thought I was doing better but than I threw up again. I got an I-V and catheter so I don't get dehydrated---there's not very much of me to dehydrate! So, after a very tiring day I'm writing from the puppy-hospital. It's scarey here.

My poor Mom is so frightened. My Dad is 800 miles away on business for a whole week. He sure feels bad that he can't be home right now! I can't wait to see them again and I really want to sleep in my own bed.

Bye for now.

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Anonymous Paula and Buddy said...

Sweetie, we hope you feel better soon! It's scarey to be sick and away from your mommy, we know. But be brave and you'll be back home before you know it! We send lots of love and kisses!

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

Me and the catfaces will be sending lots of good wishes your way and are hoping you feel better soon. Also sending good wishes to your Mommy and Daddy (and cousin Lily, who I'm sure is missing her playmate).

PS - I've been voting every day for you in the contest so you need to think about how much fun it will be when you win.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Colby said...

*pets and cuddles the poor puppy* everything will be okay! you'll be out eating mud pies and gettign in trouble again in no time! And tell your mommy not to worry so much! i'ts bad for her health!

((my love to all of you. i'm thinkin' bout y'all.))

1:43 PM  
Anonymous aden said...

Oh you poor thing, I really hope you get better soon. *hugs and kisses*

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My puppy had the same thing when he was a baby! They couldnt find any rhyme or reason for it and he came home just fine. He still throws up sometimes but hes happy and healthy just like you will be.

11:19 PM  

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