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Hello. I'm the Cuteness. I'm a little, white, Miniature Schnauzer puppy. Surrender to my adorable powers!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

My nicknames include Fluffy Longpaw, Poopahontas, Poopanlotapiss, and Little One.

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Name: The Cuteness
Location: Lawrence, Kansas, United States

I like to bark at squirrels and chew on my Daddy's toes. My favorite color is beef.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day 2 in My New Home (Part 1)

Today was a day about learning.

Mr. Devin taught me how to play fetch.

I learned that Mrs. Lori makes funny noises when I chew on her toes.

I learned how to run and pounce and chase people around the yard.

I also learned that Great-Grandpa Del gives me extra treats when I go number 2 in his neighbors yard.

I learned if I lay like this, Mr. Devin will scratch under my right leg and... "Oh yeahhhhhhh, that's the spot..."

I learned how to itch those hard to reach places.

I learned that leaves taste good...

...but twigs taste better.

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Day 2 in My New Home (Part 2)

I learned that chewing on stuff can take a lot out of a pup.

I learned that this weird metal cage...

...equals an extremely unpleasent experience...

...and a total loss of dignity.

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Day 2 in My New Home (Part 3)

I learned that warm towels are reallllllllllllllllllllllllly nice.

Did I mention that warm towels are reallllllllllllllllllllllllly nice.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 1 with My New Mom and Dad (Part 1)

My new mom, Mrs. Lori, bought me a collar. My dad, Mr. Devin, bought me a binky.

This is my cousin Philip. He gave me a kiss...

...and then he tried to step on me. My intimidation skills are really lacking.

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Day 1 with My New Mom and Dad (Part 2)

I visited my new vet today. My new vet is named Dr. Cat (really)!

I tried to be extra cute around Dr. Cat, but when it came time to take my temperature...
...yeah. I won't make that mistake again! Next time I'm biting someone!

I'm pooped people. Leave me alone. Wake me for lunch.

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THE WORLD IS BIG (and i'm not)

I feel small.

So very, very small...

This is my real Mom! When I'll grow up I'll look just like her!


I am the Cuteness!

I am the Cuteness!

Surrender to my adorable powers!

This is me after my first haircut. Please don't tease me about my ears.

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Do you see why I'm called the Cuteness?

My hobbies include sleeping, barking, eating, pottying, sleeping, and being petted.

When I grow up I want to bark at squirrels and chew on my Daddy's toes.

My favorite color is beef.

I have two cousins named Daisy and Lily. They are both miniature schnauzers too, but they are silver. In September my cousin Lily is going to come live with me. Lily's family is moving to Japan for two years so I'm letting her stay with my family.

My parents are Lori and Devin. They adopted me July 11, 2006.

You can email me at: It may take me a while to write back because my typing isn't so good... I'm all paws!

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